Amusement City

A game of amusement parks, tokens, dice, and strategy.

Example Tiles


Race your friends in this strategic board game to build the most awesome amusement park in Amusement City!

Choose from three scenarios: County Fair, Water Park, and Land of Dreams. Each scenario features different game mechanics and a different array of attractions that are randomly chosen for each game.

Start your turn by paying coins to build or upgrade one attraction in your park. Then roll dice to determine which four of your attractions your customers visit today.

Some attractions such as the Gift Shop generate revenue, while others such as the Carousel are worth victory points. Some attractions such as the Theater let you roll more dice, while others such as the Train Station let you redevelop attractions into better ones.

Not all attractions are available for purchase in every game! The key to success is determining the optimal combination of attractions at every stage of the game to enable you to be the first player with 40 victory points.

Find out who can formulate the winning strategy in Amusement City!

County Fair Expansion Water Park Expansion Land of Dreams Expansion